We at Vision Vehicle Studios do not believe in resting on our laurels.  As hard as we work for the films that we already have, we work harder to develop the future projects on our slate.  

What we believe sets us apart from most production companies, is that this company was built on the backs of artists, who just happen to have a knack for the business side of things.

While our films released have done very well on the family market, our content in development spans all genres in the Feature Film, Television and Web space.  From the thriller Trigger, to the next sci fi film The Jury, to our coming of age story, Into the Sunset, we believe it is important to have our finger on the pulse of all of the genres.  The most important lesson we have learned is that there is a valid, honorable, and lucrative voice in every genre, and we are collaborating with some of the best up and coming artists out there to find it. 

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